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Andrews, Cynthia  
Email: clandrew@dal.ca
Teaching Fellow, Department of Dental Clinical Sciences
Academic Credentials:
BSc (hons)(Kings), DDS (Dalhousie), M.Ed (Acadia)

Research Interests:

- Curriculum Planning, Mapping, Intersection and outcomes
- Health Mentors Program planning & outcomes

Research Projects:

Investigating Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Dental Education and Dentistry
Start Date:2017End Date:2018
Investigator Status:Co-Principal Investigator
Co-Investigators:K Zelmer (student)
Exploring Dental Students' Preparedness to Measure Blood Pressure Comparing Manual, Digital and Gold Standard Techniques
Funding Agency:Faculty of Dentistry
Start Date:2016End Date:2017
Investigator Status:Co-Principal Investigator
Co-Investigators:M Carrier (student)
Are Swimmers at an Increased Risk of Dental Erosion: A Pilot Study
Funding Agency:Faculty of Dentistry
Start Date:2015End Date:2016
Co-Investigators:Bryceton Tung (student)
Exploring Early Interprofessional Socialization Within the Health Professions: Setting the Stage for Collaborative Practice.
Funding Agency:CIHR
Start Date:2014End Date:2017
Investigator Status:Co-Investigator
Co-Investigators:Price, S. (n-PI) Reeves, S. (co-PI), Harmon, K., Davies., Matte, M., Almost, J., & Khalili, H.
Exploring students‏ perceptions of their interprofessional education experiences during their undergraduate medical education
Funding Agency:Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine Living Laboratory Research Fund
Start Date:2013
Investigator Status:Co-Investigator
Co-Investigators:S. Doucet (PI), P. Alexiadis-Brown, G. Sullivan, S. Jennings, J. Jennings, T.Cole, J. Steeves, J. Sargeant, A. Godden-Webster, S Price, L Bainbridge
The Interprofessional Dalhousie Health Mentors Program: Assessing Student Outcomes
Funding Agency:Horizon Health Innovation Research Fund
Start Date:2012
Investigator Status:Co-Investigator
Co-Investigators:S. Doucet (PI), T. Packer (PI), P. Alexiadis Brown, C. Andrews, A. Godden Webster, H. Lauckner, D. MacKenzie, C. Stewart
Developing Capacity for Interprofessional Collaboration and Research: A team development grant
Funding Agency:NSRHF-REDI
Start Date:2011
Investigator Status:Collaborator
Co-Investigators:PIs: F. Bergin, K. Mann, Co-I‏s: P. Alexiadis-Brown, S. Doucet, G. Kephart, A. Macleod, K. MacPherson, J. Sargeant, J. Steeves