Hachey, Shauna

Phone: (902) 494-7187

Email: shauna.hachey@dal.ca


Dental Hygienist, Faculty Practice

Academic Credentials:
DipDH, BDH (Dal), MHS (Athabasca)

Nicolau B, Castonguay G, Levine A, Hong QN, Summer Institute 2015 Participants, Pluye P. Applied mixed methods in oral health research: Importance and example of a training program. JDR Clinical and Translational Research 2017; 2(3):206-210.

Maillet PJ, Zwicker DH, Hachey SM, Mason LN, Brillant MG. An analysis of student percutaneous injuries at Dalhousie Dental School. Int J Oral Dent Health 2016; 2(1)