Hachey, Shauna

Phone: (902) 494-7187

Email: shauna.hachey@dal.ca


Dental Hygienist, Faculty Practice

Academic Credentials:
DipDH, BDH (Dal), MHS (Athabasca)

Hachey, S., Clovis, J., & Lamarche, K. (2017). Shifting the Oral Health Care Delivery Approach for Vulnerable Populations . CAPHD Annual Conference . Toronto : Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry .

Hachey, S.
, Clovis, J., & Lamarche, K. (2017). Utilizing The Health Impact Pyramid to Inform Recommendations for Oral Healthcare Reform in Nova Scotia . Public Health 2017 . Halifax : Canadian Public Health Association .

Hachey, S
., Lamarche, K., & Clovis, J. (2017). Perception and Utilization of Children’s Oral Health Care in Nova Scotia . CDHA Conference 2017: Translating Knowledge to Action . Ottawa : Canadian Dental Hygienists Association.

Hachey S
, Denise Zwicker, Peggy Maillet, Lindsay Milner. Understanding the missing piece of student injury: The why factor. ADEA, Long Beach, CA, 2017 (poster presentation)

Hachey, S. (2016). Unmet Dental Needs and Barriers to Seeking Dental Care Among Children Despite Universal Public Insurance . AU Graduate Student Conference: Knowledge without Boundries. Edmonton.