Doucette, Heather

Phone: (902) 494-1586

Email: Heather.Doucette@Dal.Ca

Academic Credentials:
DipDH, BSc (Dal), MEd (MSVU)

Teaching Responsibilities:
DEHY 2809 Nutrition for Preventive Dentistry (Course Director)
DEHY 2826 Behavioural Foundations (Course Director)
DEHY 3001 Dental Hygiene Clinic (Course Director)
DENT 1211 Patient Care 1 (Course Director for Nutrition Unit)
Administrative Responsibilities:
Member, Dental Hygiene Sub-Curriculum Committee (2009-present)
Member, Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee (2010-present)
Member, Ad hoc Three Year plus one Degree Committee (2010-present)
Member, Academic Resource Committee (2010-present)
Member, Perio Module Working Group (2012 - present)
Member, Continuing Dental Education Committee (2012-present)
Member, Faculty Development (2014-present)
Member, Curriculum Renewal Committee (2013-present)
Chair, Faculty of Dentistry Clinic Solutions Working Group (2015-present)
Member, Rockingstone Heights School Project Planning Committee (2013–present)
Member, Refugee Initiative Committee (present)
Member, School of Dental Hygiene Communication Committee (2016-present)
Member, IPECC Community Engagement Working Group (2017-present)
Organizer and Facilitator, Aboriginal Nova Scotian Health Sciences Summer Camp (2013-present)
Organizer and Facilitator, African Nova Scotian Health Sciences Summer Camp (2014-present)
Reviewer: J Dent Educ (2012-present)