Mello, Isabel

Phone: (902) 494-2013


Associate Professor, Department of Dental Clinical Sciences, Division of Endodontics

Academic Credentials:
DDS (Alfenas), MSc (Sao Paulo), PhD (Sao Paulo/UBC), FRCD(C)

Research Interests:

Dr. Mello's research involves translational studies in root canal irrigants, intracanal medicaments, filling materials and endodontic instruments.

Research Projects:

Identifying clinical parameters used by clinicians to determine the need for biopsy during surgical root canal procedures.
Start Date:2017End Date:2018
Investigator Status:Co-Investigator
Co-Investigators:Johnson L (PI)
In vitro evaluation of biomaterials for pulp revascularization therapy using stem cells from the apical papilla.
Start Date:2017End Date:2018
Investigator Status:Co-Principal Investigator
Co-Investigators:Leung B (PI)
Retrospective study of the outcome of root canal treatments done in an undergraduate clinic: does the obturation technique matter?
Start Date:2017End Date:2019
Investigator Status:Principal Investigator
Co-Investigators:C Lee, M Brillant
Resistance to fracture of extracted teeth submitted to endodontic procedures: influence of source and storage.
Start Date:2017End Date:2018
Investigator Status:Principal Investigator
Co-Investigators:Michuad PL, Tanner N
Resistance to fracture of teeth undergoing chemical or thermal stabilization processes for educational use
Funding Agency:Faculty of Dentistry
Start Date:2016End Date:2018
Investigator Status:Principal Investigator
Assessing the impact of voice-over PowerPoint presentations.
Funding Agency:The University of Manitoba Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund
Start Date:2014End Date:2015
Investigator Status:Co-Investigator
Co-Investigators:Schönwetter, D. J. (PI), Cunha, R.
Assessing the impact of voice-over Powerpoint presentation on students’ learning.
Funding Agency:Faculty of Dentistry Endowment Fund, University of Manitoba
Start Date:2014
Investigator Status:Principal Investigator
Co-Investigators:Cunha R, Schonwetter D
Assessment of transportation in root canals after using different techniques to remove the smear layer.
Funding Agency:Canadian Academy of Endodontics Endowment Fund
Start Date:2013
Investigator Status:Coordinator