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Zwicker, Denise  
Email: dhhubley@dal.ca
Instructor, School of Dental Hygiene
Academic Credentials:
DipDA(NSIT), DipDH, BDH (Dal) MEd (Acadia)

Teaching Responsibilities:
DEHY2805 Periodontics (Course Director)
DEHY 3001 Dental Hygiene Clinic – Restorative Module and Labs (Course Director)
DEHY 3018 Applied Periodontics (Course Director)
DEHY4010 Alternate Practice Settings (Course Director)

Administrative Responsibilities:
Member, Dental Hygiene Curriculum Sub-committee (2014-present)
Member, Ad hoc Three Year Plus One Degree Committee (2014-present)
Member, Alumni Awards Sub-Committee (2014-present)
Vice Chair, Dentistry Alumni Committee (2017- 2019)
Member, Dentistry Alumni Dinner Planning Committee (2014-present)
Member, 200th Anniversary Faculty Champions Committee,Dalhousie University (2017-Present)
Co-Chair, CDHNS Hearing Committee
Item Writer ,NDHCB
Accreditation Surveyor, CDAC
Item Reviewer (Bi-annual session), National Dental Hygiene Certification Board