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Kraglund, Ferne Phone: 902-494-8879

Email: kraglund@dal.ca
Associate Dean, Student and Alumni Affairs, Student and Alumni Affairs, Dean's Office
Assistant Professor, Department of Dental Clinical Sciences
Academic Credentials:
BSc (New Brunswick), DDS (Dalhousie), MSc/Dental Public Health (Toronto)

McKibbin C, McNally M, Kraglund F, Matthews D, Buckle T, Wood M., Jones G, Worden-Driscoll A, Demsey A. An oral health survey of Aboriginal children and Adolescents from the northeast coast of Labrador, Canada. AADR, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, March 2014.

Interview for CBC’s Quirks and Quarks- ‘Does more sugar cause more cavities?”
Public Health Dentistry in Nova Scotia, Annapolis Valley Dental Society (Sept. 23, 2010)
Frontline Health Initiative Speakers Series, Dental Outreach (Nov. 24, 2010)
Access to Care, Dalhousie University Dental Assistants (Dec. 9, 2010)
Clinical Application of Caries Risk Assessment, Faculty Development (May 10, 2011)
Rationale for Chief Dental Officer in Nova Scotia. Presented to Annapolis Valley Dental Society, Sept. 2010.
Nova Scotia Oral Health Review: Rationale for a Provincial Dental Director. Presented to Nova Scotia’s Departments of Health and Health Promotion and Protection, Sept. 2008.