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Lee, Chris  
Email: chris.lee@dal.ca
Director, General Practice Residency Programme, Department of Dental Clinical Sciences
Assistant Professor / Assistant Professor and Head, Digital Dentistry
Academic Credentials:
DDS, MSc Pharm, GPR

Teaching Responsibilities:
DENT/DENQ3619 Prosthodontics
DENT/DENQ 3211 Patient Care (Course Director)
DENT 5600 Hospital Clinical Dentistry and Medicine (Course Director)
DENT 5601 Intravenous, Nitrous Oxide Inhalation and Oral Sedation (Course Director)
DENT 5614 Becoming a Dental Educator (Course Director)

Administrative Responsibilities:
Director, Emergency Dental Clinic, Faculty of Dentistry
Director, General Practice Residency Program, Faculty of Dentistry
Member, Academic Standards Committee DDS3, Faculty of Dentistry
Member, Graduate Admissions and Academic Standards Committee, Faculty of Dentistry
Atlantic Canada representative, Board of Directors, Canadian Association of Hospital Dentists
Examiner and consultant, National Dental Examining Board of Canada
Media expert, Canadian Dental Association