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Matthews, Debora  
Email: debora.matthews@dal.ca
Professor, Department of Dental Clinical Sciences
Director, Periodontics, Graduate Periodontics
Academic Credentials:
BSc (Alberta), DDS (Alberta), Dip. Perio (Toronto), MSc (McMaster)

Research Interests:

Patient-reported outcomes
Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines
Oral health disparities in vulnerable populations

Research Projects:

Opioid Prescribing by Dentists in NS
Start Date:2016End Date:2018
Investigator Status:Co-Principal Investigator
Co-Investigators:K Jimoh (graduate student)
Network for Canadian Oral Health Research
Description:NCOHR is the primary resource for initiating, supporting, and sustaining innovative and collaborative oral health research designed to benefit the health of all Canadians: Healthy mouths - healthy bodies.
Funding Agency:CIHR
Start Date:2012End Date:2015
Investigator Status:Principal Investigator
Feasibility Study of a New Acellular Dermal Membrane Allograft (ADMA) for Root Coverage
Funding Agency:Faculty of Dentistry Research Fund
Start Date:2014End Date:2015
Investigator Status:Principal Investigator
Co-Investigators:P Gratzer
'Kungatsiajuk': Supporting the Healthy Smiles of NunatuKavut Children
Description:A three-year research study on the oral health of children living in south-east Labrador. This research project brings together two kinds of knowledge – biomedical knowledge and Indigenous knowledge – to make an unique contribution to our understanding of the oral health of Aboriginal children.
Funding Agency:CIHR Operating Grant
Start Date:2011End Date:2014
Investigator Status:Co-Investigator
Co-Investigators:PI's: D Martin, M McNally, H Castleden
Brushing up on Mouthcare: Facilitating uptake of a daily oral care program in Continuing Care
Funding Agency:CIHR KT Supplement
Start Date:2012End Date:2013
Investigator Status:Co-Investigator
Co-Investigators:M McNally (PI), J. Clovis and 4 others
Canadian EDB Workshops
Funding Agency:CIHR Dissemination Events
Start Date:2011End Date:2012
Investigator Status:Co-Investigator
Co-Investigators:C Flores (PI)
Labrador Children's Oral Health Survey
Funding Agency:Health Canada - First Nations and Inuit Health
Start Date:2011End Date:2012
Investigator Status:Co-Investigator
Co-Investigators:M McNally, F Kraglund (co-PI's)
The oral health status and access to oral health services of recent immigrants and refugees in Nova Scotia
Funding Agency:Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation Capacity Grant
Start Date:2010End Date:2011
Investigator Status:Co-Investigator
Co-Investigators:E. Ghiabi (PI), J. Clovis, F. Kraglund, S. Weerasinghe, I. Waldron
Changing Demographics: The Oral Health of our Aging Population
Description:An observational, cross-sectional survey of the oral health status, service utilization and treatment needs of Nova Scotians aged 45 years and older.
Funding Agency:CIHR Regional Partnership Program Grant (with NSHRF and Health Canada)
Start Date:2008End Date:2010
Investigator Status:Principal Investigator
Co-Investigators:J Clovis (co-PI), M Filiaggi, M McNally, P Allison, S Kirkland, H Lawrence
Impact of Orofacial Manifestations of Systemic Sclerosis on Health Related Quality of Life
Funding Agency:CIHR
Start Date:2008End Date:2010
Investigator Status:Collaborator
Co-Investigators:M Gornitsky (PI)
Oral Care in Continuing Care Settings: Collaborating to Improve Policies and Practices
Description:This study seeks to examine the integration of oral health care, with particular emphasis on daily mouth care, for frail and dependant older adults in a variety of continuing care settings.
Funding Agency:NSHRF
Start Date:2008End Date:2011
Investigator Status:Co-Investigator
Co-Investigators:M McNally (PI) and eight others
Increasing Capacity to Inform Oral Health Policy Regarding Vulnerable Populations and the KT Plan
Description:A collaboration of clinican-researchers at Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia) and a diverse group of stakeholders in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) (including decision-makers, health services providers and researchers). The goal of this research study is to plan ways to measure and monitor oral health status and to guide policy aimed at improving the oral health of vulnerable populations on the east coast, beginning with the senior population.
Funding Agency:CIHR Seed Grant – Disparities in Oral Health
Start Date:2009End Date:2010
Investigator Status:Co-Principal Investigator
Co-Investigators:J Clovis (PI), S Bornstein (co-PI), M Filiaggi, M McNally, C Donovan, S Cobban, P Hornett
Developing a team to address oral health disparities in Canada
Funding Agency:CIHR Seed Grant – Disparities in Oral Health
Start Date:2007End Date:2009
Investigator Status:Co-Investigator
Co-Investigators:P Allison (PI), C Bedos (co-PI)
Knowledge Translation in the Research Community: A Symposium for Oral Health Researchers
Funding Agency:CIHR KT Workshop
Start Date:2008End Date:2008
Investigator Status:Principal Investigator
Canadian Clinical Preventive Guidelines for Newly Arriving Immigrants and Refugees: Dental Caries and Periodontal Disease
Funding Agency:Health Canada Office of the Chief Dental Officer Contract
Start Date:2007End Date:2008
Investigator Status:Co-Investigator
Co-Investigators:M McNally (PI)
Seniors‏ Oral Health: Are Treatment Recommendations Followed Up?
Funding Agency:CIHR – Network for Oral Research Training and Health
Start Date:2007End Date:2007
Investigator Status:Principal Investigator
Update on the AAP periodontal literature review
Funding Agency:American Academy of Periodontics
Start Date:2009End Date:2011
Investigator Status:Co-Investigator
Co-Investigators:M Goldberg (PI)
Oral Health Assessments for Seniors: Planning an Atlantic Canadian Strategy
Funding Agency:CIHR Research Development and Translation Initiatives
Start Date:2006End Date:2006
Investigator Status:Co-Investigator
Co-Investigators:J Clovis (PI), M Filiaggi, M McNally
Oral Health Status and Access to Care for Nova Scotia Seniors: A Pilot Project
Funding Agency:NSHRF Collaborative Health Research Program
Start Date:2004End Date:2007
Investigator Status:Co-Principal Investigator
Co-Investigators:J Clovis (co-PI), M Filiaggi, M McNally, P Allison, S Kirkland