Rock, Leigha



Director, School of Dental Hygiene

Academic Credentials:
•Postdoctoral Fellowship (BC Cancer)

•Ph.D. (Craniofacial Science) (UBC)

•B.D.Sc. (UBC)

Professional Appointments:
•Director and Assistant Professor, School of Dental Hygiene, Faculty of Dentistry, Dalhousie University
•Adjunct Professor, Department of Oral Biological and Medical Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, the University of British Columbia
•Associate Director, Oral Cancer Prevention Program, BC Cancer

Teaching Responsibilities:
•DEHY 3009 (Course Director)
•DEHY 4011 (Course Director)
•DEHY 4002 (Course Director)
Administrative Responsibilities:
•Director, School of Dental Hygiene
•Faculty Council
•Nominating Committee
•Academic Policy Committee
•DH Curriculum Committee
•Dental Hygiene Admissions
•Academic and Clinic Co-ordinating Committee
•Departmental Appointment Committee
•Academic Progress Committee
•Finance Committee
•Steering Committee for Faculty of Dentistry Guiding Principles
•CDHA, Research Advisory Committee
•CDHA Education Advisory Committee