Jones, Derek W

Phone: (902) 494-1968


Professor Emeritus, Department of Applied Oral Sciences

Academic Credentials:
BSc (Birmingham), PhD (Birmingham), C.Chem, FRSC, F.I. Ceram, FIM, FBSE
Professional Appointments:
Chair, ISO/TC 106 Dentistry 2005-2014
Secretary, ISO/TC/SC1 Dental Filling and Restorative Materials 1979-1997
Chair, ISO/TC/SC1 1998-2005
Chair, Canadian Standards Association Technical Committee on Dentistry 1979-2005
Chair, Canadian Advisory Committee to the International Standards Organization 1979-2005
Past President, Canadian Association for Dental Research (CADR) 1992-95
Past President, International Dental Materials Group IADR, 1990-91
Chair, Canadian Dental Association, Dental Materials and Devices Committee 1993-1998.

Research Projects:

  1. Conducted research on a wide range of biomaterials and material properties covering ceramics, refractories, hard and soft polymers, composites, dental cement, bone cement, mercury pollution, biocompatibility of materials and synthesis of glass and polymer materials and the release of drugs from biomaterials. Has received over $3.25 million in research funding.