Hamdan, Nader

Phone: (902) 494-1353

Email: nd390580@dal.ca

Associate Professor, Department of Dental Clinical Sciences

Director / Associate Professor, Department of Dental Clinical Sciences, Graduate Periodontics

Academic Credentials:
BDS (JUST - Jordan); MSc (McGill); MDent (Perio) (Manitoba); FRDC (C)

Teaching Responsibilities:
DENT 2212 Patient Care
DENT/DENQ 3117 Foundation Sciences in Clinical Practice
DENT/DENQ 3719 Periodontics
DENT 4223 Periodontics
PERI 5110 Clinical Periodontics (Course Director)
PERI 5120 Evidence Based Dentistry and Biostatistics (Course Director)
PERI 6110 Clinical Periodontics (Course Director)
PERI 7110 Clinical Periodontics (Course Director)
PERI 7130 Clinical Seminars for Graduate Periodontics (Course Director)
PERI 7140 Hospital Rotation for Graduate Dentistry (Course Director)
PERI 7150 Graduate Periodontics Literature Review (Course Director)
PERI 7170 Research Practicum in Graduate Dentistry (Course Director)
Administrative Responsibilities:
Director, Graduate Periodontics Program
Volunteer, ISANS Dental Clinic