Tax, Cara

Phone: (902) 494-8864

Email: Cara.Tax@Dal.Ca

Director / Assistant Professor, School of Dental Hygiene

Academic Credentials:
DipDH, BA (Manitoba), MEd (MSVU)

Teaching Responsibilities:
DEHY2825 Radiology (Course Director)
DEHY4009 Teaching Methodologies (Course Director)
Administrative Responsibilities:
Member, DH Sub-Curriculum Committee (2005-present)
Member, Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee (2009-present)
Member, Ad hoc Three Year Plus One Degree Committee (2010-present)
Member, Ad hoc Committee on Group Practice Model (2017)
Member, Ad hoc Committee on Student Accommodation (2010-present)
Member, Ad hoc Committee on Digital Radiography (2009-present)
Member, Faculty of Dentistry Curriculum Renewal Committee (present)
Member, Steering Committee for the "Alumni Anchor" (2010-present)
Chair, DFA Travel Committee
Member, Dalhousie Senate Appeals Committee
Member, CDHA Educator’s Group
Member, ADEA Section Member - Tobacco Dependence and Addiction
Member, National Dental Hygiene Certification Exam Committee
Member, Hearing Committee College of Dental Hygienists of Nova Scotia
Reviewer: J Dent Educ; Int J Dent Hygiene