Tax, Cara

Phone: (902) 494-8864

Email: Cara.Tax@Dal.Ca

Director / Assistant Professor, School of Dental Hygiene

Academic Credentials:
DipDH, BA (Manitoba), MEd (MSVU)

Research Interests:

I have a keen interest in adult learning theory and its application in a variety of educational settings.

Research Projects:

Oral cancer screening: Breaking the time barrier
Start Date:2016End Date:2017
Investigator Status:Co-Investigator
Co-Investigators:K Haslam (PI)
Identifying Novel Markers of Alveolar Bone Loss: Developing New Diagnostic Approaches for the Most Prevalent Forms of Bone Loss
Funding Agency:CIHR
Start Date:2013End Date:2017
Investigator Status:Collaborator
Co-Investigators:M. Glogauer (PI), C. McCulloch, S Grinstein, D Matthews, C Overall
A Comparative Study Using Radiographic Film Method and Digital Imaging Methods
Description:This study will examine if there is a difference in the number and type of retakes that occur when learning digital imaging methods compared to the radiographic film method.
Start Date:2010End Date:2012
Investigator Status:Principal Investigator
Co-Investigators:Heather Doucette, Christine Robb
A Model for Cultivating Faculty Development Within a Community of Practice
Description:This study explored social learning theory within a community of practice of clinical dental hygiene instructors and applied this theory to a faculty development program.
Start Date:2009End Date:2010
Investigator Status:Principal Investigator
Co-Investigators:J. Peggy Maillet, Nancy Neish, Heather Doucette