Tax, Cara

Phone: (902) 494-8864

Email: Cara.Tax@Dal.Ca

Director / Assistant Professor, School of Dental Hygiene

Academic Credentials:
DipDH, BA (Manitoba), MEd (MSVU)

C. Tax. The Teaching Philosophy Statement presented at the American Dental Educators Conference in Long Beach California, March 2017.

C. Tax.
Faculty Development: A Cornerstone for Change in Dental Hygiene Education presented at the Educator’s Workshop at the CDHA National Dental Hygiene Conference, Halifax, NS. June 2011.

Peggy J Maillet, Heather J Doucette, Nancy R Neish, Cara L Tax, and Mary Ellen McCarvill. Evaluation of Outcomes Following Changes to the Tobacco Cessation Counselling Program at Dalhousie University Faculty of Dentistry ADEA March 2011 San Diego, CA

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J. Peggy Maillet, Cara Tax*, Nancy Neish and Allison Denny. Evaluation Outcomes for Tobacco Cessation Counseling within the Faculty of Dentistry, School of Dental Hygiene Curriculum. Poster presentation: ADEA conference, March 2009; Phoenix, Arizona.

C. Tax
*, N. Neish*, P. Maillet, H. Doucette, Assessment tools and teaching methods to help students improve the effectiveness of tobacco cessation counseling TCC. Poster presentation: 10th Annual Dental Hygiene Clinical Educators Workshop, May 2009; San Antonio, Texas.